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Communities from Herstelling to Garden of Eden,Cheap Jerseys, East Bank Demerara were without electricity for about 12 hours yesterday as early morning rainfall and intense winds caused two utility poles to collapse at Herstelling. Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company’s western cable link was damaged during the incident. Landline telephone services were temporarily disrupted on East Bank Essequibo; Essequibo Coast; and West Bank Demerara.A Herstelling resident who was awakened by a loud crashing sound shortly after 04:00 hours informed Guyana Power Light Incorporated of the incident. Within 15 minutes a crew from the power company arrived at the scene.The team removed the pole,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, which had fallen across the road. Another pole,China Jerseys, which collapsed at First Street,China Jerseys Cheap, Herstelling,China Jerseys Cheap, was shattered. The third pole was being supported by the electric wires.An official of the power company attributed the incident to rainy conditions yesterday. Poles being uprooted during heavy downpours and high winds are common,Wholesale Jerseys China, he said.

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