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–    Another hospitalised after shot in footA 22-year-old army lance corporal was gunned down at around 21.00 hrs last evening outsideKevon Payne, 22,called ‘Scarhis mother’s Sussex Street,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, Charlestown home.Kevon Payne, 22, called ‘Scar,’ was reportedly shot at least six times by his killer, who arrived on the scene on a white motorcycle and escaped with an accomplice, following a brief exchange of gunfire with police ranks.Kaieteur News understands that Shakel Wilson,wholesale jerseys, a friend on the slain soldier, was shot in the leg and is being treated at a private hospital.A police official told Kaieteur News that ranks were scouring the area in the hope of finding the killers. The official said that a mobile patrol in the area responded to the sound of gunshots. He said that the gunmen managed to escape after a brief exchange of gunfire.However, some of Payne’s relatives and others at the scene alleged that a police vehicle was parked nearby when Payne was slain. Payne,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, a Coast Guard rank, is survived by two daughters, aged three and two.Relatives said as far as they were aware,Cheap Jerseys, the victim had no grievance with anyone. However,Cheap Jerseys From China, other sources said that Payne was involved in an argument with some individuals earlier in the day.According to an eyewitness,Cheap Jerseys From China, Payne was standing at the side of the roadway with another man when two men on a white motorcycle rode up to Payne and shot him.The eyewitness said that the gunman then walked east up Sussex Street towards a group of policemen in a vehicle. The man reportedly then turned and headed back to where Payne lay, and the police then opened fire.The eyewitness said that the heavy gunfire caused her to run into her yard.This is the third execution in the city in recent days. The first was O’Riley Small, 31, who was riddled with bullets just as he entered his Smyth Street home.The second victim was murder accused Steve Mohamed, who was riddled with bullets and dumped in Le Repentir Cemetery.

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