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On Thursday, President David Granger while on another visit to Region Two donated a 26-seater bus to the pupils and students of TAPAKUMA Lake, one of the many hinterland locations along the Essequibo Coast.Before the bus,Gordon Hayward Jersey, which is named David “G”, School bus No.13, was handed over to the residents and pupils of Tapakuma Lake the president emphasised his stance on the importance of education and why every child, irrespective of where that child may be living, must have an education. Granger reminded Tapakuma residents that the presentation represents a new chapter in the lives of the children who would be using the bus to attend school.Granger said that his government would continue to help the people who want to help themselves. He stressed the importance of education and encouraged each child to attend school every day. Granger also stated that he is intent on building a strong economy in the region but an atmosphere to encourage investors to come and do business, must be created.Granger explained that the five “Bs’ initiative was conceptualised in Region Two (Pomeroon/Supenaam), after he learnt how expensive it was for pupils and students especially in the Pomeroon River to pay for transportation in the riverian area. Granger said that two APNU stalwarts, Mrs. Doreen Duncan and Rudolph Garraway, were the persons that had brought the issue to his attention and as such he had capatalised on the idea which has since materialised into the five B’s”, boats,Cheap China Jerseys, buses, bicycles, breakfast and books.Granger noted that his government will deliver on the good life he has promised while encouraging parents, pupils and teachers to be the influences and to ensure that each child attends school every day.“Let us preserve the bus. We now have an opportunity to go and stay in school, let us take a vow,Adidas Hockey Jerseys Cheap, a pledge to go to school because without an education, you can’t progress in today’s world.”Granger said that his government was not only a Georgetown, Lethem, Mahdia or a Coastland government,NFL Jerseys Cheap, but a national government that will go and deliver wherever the needs are. Granger told the pupils of Tapakuma Lake that it was their day,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, while stressing that buses were about education.Granger said education is a concern for his government and despite his not being pleased with the current state of education; he is not going to cast blame on anyone.“But there is a problem and my job is to solve that problem”.Granger also spoke about school dropouts and the need for children to stay in school and acquire an education and a skill which would afford them to become productive adults.Months after David Granger assumed office as president; he made separate donations of two school boats to the students and residents of the Upper and Lower Pomeroon River. Granger also continues to resonate the call for students to acquire a skill and for them to towards the field of entrepreneurship.Minister of Social Cohesion, Amna Ally, said it was indeed a privilege to have accompanied her president to the region to participate in the donation of the bus to be donated by Joe Jagmohan, an Essequibo businessman.The president was accompanied by Minister of Indigenous Affairs, Sydney Allicock,, Minister within the Ministry of Education, Nicolette Henry and Minister of Social Cohesion, Amna Ally.

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