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The masquerade band provides much cultural amusement and contributes to stories of rich folklore especially during the festive season and also for Mashramani, but in recent years it has been dubbed a dying art form locally.This is about to change.  Guyanese Masquerade lovers are invited to be part of the energy, the excitement, and the tradition and to catch the bad cow fever on December 19 on the Essequibo Coast. Valiant efforts are in train to awaken the traditional jovial holiday spirit and promote unity among Guyanese,Wholesale Adidas Hockey Jerseys, while preserving one of Guyana’s oldest cultural traditions.With major sponsorship from corporate citizens Banks DIH, Japarts,Cheap Jerseys For Wholesale, Macorp, and Demerara Bank, its the most mega event of the Festive Season on the Essequibo Coast: The second Annual Pomeroon Oil Mill Inc. ‘Bad Cow’ and Masquerade competition is set for staging on December 19 on the tarmac at the Xenon Hotel and Bar.An energy filled event that brings together Guyanese of all ages,Cheap NFL Jerseys, creeds,Cheap Jerseys, and ethnic origins, it represents a rich culture of dance and oral tradition that is Guyanese.On December 19 all roads will lead to the Essequibo Coast where some 12 masquerade bands are geared to take on each other for more than $700,000 cash plus other prizes as private efforts continue to ensure that the art form lives on the Essequibo Coast with an aim to have it eventually ripple nationwide.In Essequibo, the Bad Cow bands are the quintessential Guyanese version of Christmas Carolers. Since the early 1900s, during the months of November and December,Nike Vapor Max Plus Triple Black, it was a common sight to see bands of motley dressed Essequibians dancing through the streets accompanied by flute players and drummers, spreading joy and leaving a jovial spirit wherever they paraded.The familiar collection of characters such as the Bam Bam Sally, the Big-belly Man, the Mother Sally,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, the Cow Catcher or the dreaded Mad Cow, the Foul Cock and the flouncers all signal a time of year when we forget our differences and unify to enjoy the holiday season as one people.  It is no secret that over the last 10 years, this tradition has begun to pale into insignificance. The bands no longer beckon the start of the season of great cheer.The first ever Annual Pomeroon Oil Mill Inc. Bad Cow and Masquerade Competition was successfully held at Charity in December 2008 and was attended by over 2,000 people despite torrential rainfall and other weather related difficulties. (Mondale Smith)

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