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作者: yueyrt1vvJ    時間: 6 天前 23:00     標題: Cheap Jerseys Outlet Charlestown.According to Pompey

Lennox Pompey,China NFL Jerseys, of 126 Thomas Street, Kitty,China NBA Jerseys, reportedly lost his motor car which was stationed at his rented property at 84 St. Stephens Street,Nike Vapormax Plus Sunset, Charlestown.According to Pompey, his white Toyota PEE 1534,NFL Jerseys 2018, was parked at the eastern side of the house for some time. “I don’t live there but my car is parked there because it’s my land and house.I usually check up on it once in a while.” The man added that on Monday he checked his vehicle and upon his arrival he noticed that it was not there.Pompey said that he then enquired from persons living nearby about the location of his vehicle and they informed him that they were unaware of the whereabouts of his car. They advised that he check the “scrap yard” a few blocks away.Kaieteur News understands that at one of the scrap yards,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, he saw variousThe car in the scrap yardparts of his motor car. When he inquired about the parts he was told that a “junkie” called “Bow Foot” had sold it to them.Pompey said he produced his registration and claimed his vehicle but the owner of the scrap yard refused to give him the parts of his car. “He didn’t want give me my car parts back so I went and get a police to recover my property,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys,” said the angry man.According to the man the police also saw his documents but failed to assist him. “Them police not doing their job. I ain’t even get back my car parts. Them lock up the junkie but I want my car back. That same scrap yard does do a lot of illegal stuff,” said Pompey.The police would only say that they are working on the matter.

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