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Turkeyen, Carmelita Nursery Schools to be constructedMabaruma Town Hall to be rehabilitatedDuring the opening of tenders at the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB), Ministry of Finance, Georgetown, Expressions of Interest were received for a study to determine the impact of Air Transport on Guyana’s economy. The procuring entity was announced as the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA).BidderAmountInternational Air Transport AssociationUS $97,100Oxford EconomicsUS $50,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping,000Several contractors vied for the contract to construct a nursery school at Turkeyen,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, East Coast Demerara. The procuring entity was listed as the Ministry of Education. The engineer’s estimate was announced at $ 34.4MBidderAmountVision General Construction Services$27.7MKares Engineering Incorporated$39.6MK&P Project Management Company$32.8MMVR Construction$32.8MSeon Smith Construction$29.4MGeneral Contractors Company Limited$32.4MNabi Construction Incorporated$31.1MMemorex Enterprises$26.8MZ&H Investment Incorporated$48.6MRandolph Taylor$28.8MRafeek & Sons Construction$33.7MMohammed Rahim and Son$36.3MA. Orgasein and Sons$28MCourtney Benn Contracting Services Limited$30.8MThe Ministry of Education was also listed as the procuring entity for the construction of Carmelita Nursery School,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, Sheriff Street. The engineer’s estimate was announced at $35.6M.BidderAmountMemorex Enterprises$28.1MA.Orgasein and Sons$28.6MZ&H Investment Incorporated$30.2MKares Engineering Incorporated$39.2MVision General Construction Services$30MNabi Construction Incorporated$31.6MRandolph Taylor$28.5MMVR Construction$30.7MSeon Smith Construction$33.3MEric Bess Construction Company$29.5MCompustruct Engineering Incorporated$33.9MSix Contractors submitted bids for the rehabilitation of the Mabaruma Town Hall, Region One (Barima/Waini). The procuring entity was listed as the Ministry of Communities and the engineer’s estimate was announced at $29.5MBidderAmountAruka Investment$26.7MAAV Raghubeer General Construction$27.5MFS Construction$21.1MBuilders’ Hardware and General Supplies$27.4MInternational Import and Supplies$26.1MTenders were opened for the procurement of a computer tomography (CT) scan machine. The procuring entity was listed as the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC).BidderAmountMeditron Incorporated$177.7MHeratio Contracting Services$162MBiomedical International (USA)$203.7MTenders were also opened for supervisory services for the construction of pump stations at Lusignan,Cheap Jerseys Store, Buxton/Vigilance and Hope/Enmore, East Coast Demerara. The procuring entity was listed as Ministry of Agriculture- Agricultural Sector Development Unit (ASDU).BidderAmountCaribbean Engineering and Management ConsultantsN.ASRK Engineering and AssociatesN.ATenders were opened for the construction and installation of pipe works and structure at the No. 66 Village,Cheap Jerseys From China, Berbice Drainage Pump. The procuring entity was listed as the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA). The engineer’s estimate was announced at $49.5MBidderAmountMemorex Enterprises$49.3MNabi Construction Incorporated$47.4MUnas Civil and Building Construction$56.7ME.Shaw Mechanical Worshop$41.5MIvor Allen$44.3MGeneral Engineering and Supplies Incorporated$61.7MB&J Civil Works$41.2MF.Hussain Construction Incorporated$48.2MAlternative Contracting Enterprise$38.2MRupan Ramotar Investments$47.1MIndustrial Fabrications Incorporated$46.4MThe Ministry of Communities was listed as the procuring entity for several projects. Amongst some of these contracts was the rehabilitation of the Blairmont/Gelderland children’s playground in Region Five (Mahaica/Berbice). The engineer’s estimate was announced at $4.131.875BidderAmountTBL Engineering$3.8MAlvin Charanmootoo Contracting Service$4.1MGupta Engineering Services$3.9MRoyal Contracting Services$4.1MMultitech Engineering Service Incorporated$3.6MThe contract to upgrade the Whim Community Centre Ground in Berbice attracted nine bidders. The engineer’s estimate was announced at $5.8M.BidderAmountDundas Construction$5MGupta Engineering Services$8.7MTBL Engineering$4.7MAE&N General Contracting$3.9MKaskon Engineering Service$5.4MA.Ramcharitar Construction Firm$6.2MMemorex Enterprises$3.8MMultitech Engineering Service Incorporated$4.2MTenders were also opened for the rehabilitation of bridges in Woodlands/Bel Air,MLB Jerseys From China, Region Five. The engineer’s estimate was announced at $3.3M.BidderAmountAlvin Charanmootoo Contracting Service$2.4MAdamantium Holdings$2.9MRoyal Contracting Services$2.7MG.Singh Engineering Services$2.5MGupta Engineering Service$2.9MRaj Civil Engineering Construction$3.6MA&A Engineering Services$4.4MAlso, tenders were opened for the rehabilitation of roads in New Amsterdam, Region Six (East Berbice/Corentyne). The engineer’s estimate is $46M.BidderAmountH.Nauth and Sons Civil Engineering Contractors$41.5ME.Cush Contracting Services$70.5MAssociated Construction Services$49.3MGupta Engineering Services$52.7MB&J Civil Works$45.2MA.Ramcharitar Construction firm$47.2MKP Jagdeo General Contractors$43.1MBK International Incorporated$48.8MMemorex Enterprises$39.3MXL Engineering$44.9MJ&R General Construction Service$39.3MTenders to construct a community centre ground and a pavilion at Barakara, Canje River, Region Six, were also opened. The engineer’s estimate was announced at $41.8M.BidderAmount Dundas Construction$51.5MI. Ramlall Contractor$68.2MBuilders Hardware and General Supplies$37.9MW&R Builders$31.1MAlvin Charanmootoo Contracting Service$37.4MKascon Engineering Service$32.5MTenders of the rehabilitation of the West Indian Housing Scheme Access Road in Bartica, Region Seven (Cuyuni/Mazaruni) were also opened. The engineer’s estimate was announced at $13.7M.BidderAmount Associated Construction Services$14MS.Jagmohan Hardware Supplies and Construction Services$14.MBK International Incorporated$11.6MIvor Allen$21MH.Nauth and Sons Civil Engineering$12.1MFinally, tenders were opened for the Rehabilitation/Construction of urban roads in Region 10 (Upper Demerara/Berbice). The contract was divided into two lots: Lot Six, the rehabilitation/ construction of a second Access Road at Amelia’s Ward and the rehabilitation/ construction of the Main Access Road at Richmond Hill, Linden. The procuring entity is the Ministry of Public Infrastructure.Bidder Lot 6 Lot 7   R.Jagroop General Contracting Services$35.1M$47.4MKP Thomas and Sons Contracting Services$29M$35.4MXL Engineering$28.8M$40.9MCB General Contracting Incorporated$34.3M$41.9MSYMS General Contractors Incorporated$28.8M$39.2MJ&R General Construction Services$26.4M$36.5MBeresford Harry Contracting$23.3M$37.4MBardon Contracting Services$27.8M$37.4MH.Nauth & Sons Civil Engineering Contractors$29.9M$41.1MEngineer’s Estimate $31.1M$42.5M

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