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作者: yueyrt1vvJ    時間: 2018-2-13 22:53     標題: China NBA Jerseys and Ten will be hosted in the coming months.

In an effort to empower women to make informed decisions and to be more involved in community development,cheap nfl jerseys, the Ethnic Relations Commission (ERC) is continuing to implement various aspects of its 2009 Work Plan. The Commission had outlined that it will consult with women all across Guyana this year.It is with this in mind that the ERC consulted with women in Regions Eight and Nine between October 14 and October 16,Air Max 90 Black Leather, last. The meetings which were held at the Paramakatoi Multi-purpose Hall, Region Eight and the Arapaima Primary School,Cheap Mens Jordan Sneakers, Region Nine, respectively attracted approximately 130 women in total.Both meetings were successful since the women participated extensively in the discussions which ranged from highlighting issues affecting them in their communities, their recommendations for a better Guyana and how they can contribute to national development.Participants for the Paramakatoi meeting were drawn from nine communities in Region Eight, including Monkey Mountain, Kato, Copenang, Mahdia and Taruka Village, while the women for the Region Nine meeting came from 24 communities in the Rupununi.The participants were addressed by Chairman of the ERC, Bishop Juan Edghill, Private Sector Representative on the ERC, John. P. Willems; Regional officials and staff of the ERC.The ERC Chairman informed the gathering that the ERC targeted women because they are influential persons in society and it is important for them to understand their roles as mothers and as such they were asked to share their views on how to create a better Guyana for all.Short films were shown. One was Just a Little Red Dot, which encouraged persons to appreciate each other’s culture and differences. They also suggest how to deal with those who are racists or make racist remarks to others. The Guyana Skit showed Guyana as a boat and highlighted the need for unity and co-operation to move the country forward and Dinner for Two, an animated film with a similar message.After the presentations, an open discussion was initiated with the gathering on their understanding of the films and the messages behind the stories, how they apply to Guyana and what can be done to improve our communities and villages.The women committed to playing their role in ensuring peaceful communities where people live in harmony, working together and are united.So far the Commission has concluded Women’s Workshops in Regions Two, Three, Four,Air Max 97 Undefeated For Sale, Five and Seven. Regions One,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, Six,Wholesale NFL Jerseys Online, and Ten will be hosted in the coming months.

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